How to Apply Metadata Navigation Filtering in SharePoint 2013

On the site where you want to create an Enterprise wiki, click Settings and then click Site contents. Updated October 4, Enter the URL address in the Address field. To edit wiki pages, people need permission to contribute to a wiki. If you are not already editing the wiki page, click Page , and then click Edit.

On the Add a link dialog box, in the Address box, enter the URL for the link you want to add if adding a link.

How to Apply Metadata Navigation Filtering in SharePoint

The default page type on team sites, and other types of sites, is a wiki page. You cannot hide headings or links. If you don't see Site settings , click Site information and then click View all site settings.

Thank you! I've also enabled enterprise keyword searching, and created a new Term Set which is selectable in a managed metadata column. When you're done, save your link. Use the buttons on the Formatting toolbar to format text, and add other content, such as images, tables, and hyperlinks.

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These options will not be available if you are at the top level site in your site collection, because a top level site does not have a parent site.

The actual page will be created later when someone else clicks the link to the page. To enable publishing with correct permissions , see Enable publishing features , Features enabled in a SharePoint Online publishing site or Enable publishing features on SharePoint or Now paste the URL we previously obtained. Alternative text or Alt text appears as tooltip text when readers point to the picture.

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Ravishankar D. I want to clarify my question by providing more details. Yesterday however, I started a new Enterprise Wiki library as I like the idea of being able to select categories directly on the Enterprise wiki page.

Many organizations have a smorgasbord of links they need to include to various affiliates, company tools or shared resources. If you decide to go with the categories on the right side of the page, your point 3 is redundant as the navigation of the categories will be enough. The links that appear on the left side of your site are called Quick Launch links. Click Picture and then click From SharePoint. A lot of people turn to third party navigation solutions.

In the Name box, type a name for the library, such as Wiki Pages. If you working with a team site, you will see Quick Launch and Top link bar. Add, edit, or remove links from the top link bar of a non-publishing site If your site is using a unique top link bar that is, it is a top-level site or it does not inherit its top link bar from a parent site , you can configure the links that appear on the top link bar for the site.

Yes, the SharePoint navigation really can work for your needs A commonly misunderstood component of SharePoint is the navigation. In the Look and Feel column, click Navigation.