The Long and the Short of Onions

We have two seasons, dry November-April and rains April to Sept, theirs also hammattan, cool dry breeze in Dec.

Onions need a spot in full sun to develop properly. Just make sure they are not piled on top of each other and not getting any air. Propagate shallots by dividing bulb clusters. They will go to seed in the second year, sending up a tall, hard stalk with a seed pod. Shallots Shallots, a favorite of French chefs, have a blue-green stem that's used when young. Hello Steve, I have interest in growing Red onions, not sure what type, in Northern Sudan in Africa where the temperature gets as high as F.

Bulb Onion Growing: Day Length and Temperature

Once outdoor conditions are right for transplanting move the onion seedlings to the garden. Onions left in the field produce masses of seed, which, though short-lived, germinate very well. Keep the soil moist. One starts with white spots and streaks, the other with purple-grey areas on the leaves. Master Gardener Newspaper Articles: Start with a couple of varieties the first year and keep a journal of your success; next year you can grow a larger crop if the first year is good.

One pound of sets will plant about a foot-long row. Or open a small trench between rows and fill it with water.

How to Grow Onions

Pin 3. You can sow them much closer together — as little as an inch apart. These are the onions that are grown for summer harvest in the northern half of the country. You can view your wishlist by logging into your account. Most onion varieties begin to form a bulb, when the temperature and hours of daylight reach certain levels. After half the tops have fallen, push over the remainder, wait a week, and lift the bulbs Curing is essential for long storage: Plant onion sets pointed end up and cover with about 2" of soil.

Your dry season should be long enough to bring in a crop. And if a southern gardener planted a long-day variety, the onions would never be exposed to sufficiently long days to cause bulbs to form.

About Onions and How to Grow Them – West Coast Seeds

Thanks so much for this article. In spring, gardeners in all areas can direct-seed onions as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring. Store the onions in a very cool place a basement or even an old refrigerator trying to keep them between 35 and 55 degrees.

Onions are biennials. Give Them Good Soil - For the best growth, give onions soil that is well-drained but moisture-retentive, fertile, near-neutral in pH, and amended with plenty of organic matter.

Onion Bulb Growth Is Affected by Dayight Hours and Temperature

If you are buying transplants or sets, you will find types suitable to your area in any good nursery, although they will sometimes only be labeled as yellow or red. Shallots will tolerate all but the most acidic soils, but dig the earth deeply because the plants put down 8-inch-long feeder roots.

Set out hardened-off homegrown or purchased transplants 4 weeks before the last frost date. They're the type to grow in more northern latitudes. Related Articles 1 Red Onion Sets: