How to Render Lard the Right Way (Snow White, Odorless)

Generally speaking, if the fat you are starting out with looks oily before warming, the animal was older than optimum and you will get a softer, darker, stronger smelling product. Does anyone have an actual temp. We have kept the lard refrigerated.

Thanks so much. Meat is confit-ed as in cooked in its own fat, moisture extracted and replaced with more fat, until rendered down into a purity of concentrated and compact meatiness, THEN whipped into a creamy paste in.. Mature cattle fat, instead of the white, flaky fat of a 2yo, is greyish and oily looking when fresh. For my own peace of mind, I freeze my jars. Beef tallow is great for frying. The cracklings were very compressed and very hard. Great post! I love this tutorial on rendering lard.

What a great find! It was amazing both in taste and because, like you said, I can get it hotter than other oils without smoking. Very thorough article, thanks! Could it be sediments?? In old times, they just rendered the lard, filled crocks, and set them covered in their fruit cellars. No need to pressure can. Same process…same results.. Christina, check out localharvest.

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Give the skin a stir now and then so that it doesn't stick to the bottom and burn. Man, they make loud pops! Hardest part is making sure there is no residue of grease on the rims. However, if you use it to fry up some breaded chicken, it will be dirty and probably best to discard it. I wonder if you can visit a farmers market and start inquiring there.

Thanks for any tips. Nice tutorial. Any suggestions? If the lid seals, the grease will keep for years in the jar.. Well done and I love the fact your son was helping also that is a wonderful thing.

I rendered the back fat first, using the crock pot method and it worked great!

Is that low enough do you think? They do not have low enough setting unless you have very high end unit! This is great, really helpful and informative. Thank you for sharing and God bless.

I was wondering…..