Person-directed Planning

The only two rules for this stage is that all goals are positive and possible. Funding by Developmental Services Ontario [for those with a developmental disability]. Independent facilitation and person-directed planning is about creating and implementing a blueprint for future action: Process repeated annually Person-Directed Approach Organizing and carrying out the planning meeting. The details are taken care of by the professional or whoever volunteers.

The Center for Outcome Analysis. There are two types of dreams, metaphorically and aspirations. This step is the biggest part of MAPs. In particular, she loves music, cooking and dancing. We are confident that you will find one that best fits your needs and personality. The list of planning items will vary depending on the type of meeting the person wants, but most will include the location, the date, the time, the people to attend, food or drinks, facilitator or recorder and interpreter.

In explaining their choice later to reluctant family members, being able to add the 'why' will go along way towards getting their support. I believe strongly in the power of positive interaction between people to change lives.

Health Affairs, Internet publication [www. During the planning meeting, the Facilitator will make every effort to educate people about their rights and responsibilities.

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There are many! This could be fears from the past, present or fears that have always been there. You are encouraged to review the biographies of our Independent Facilitators. Step 3 - What are your nightmares?

The opportunity to work in such a person-centred and flexible program alongside individuals and their families and support networks is very meaningful to me. The intensity of the planning will vary depending on the needs of the person.

Share ideas of who might be beneficial to attend; ask who loves them and supports them. I am focusing my research on how minority groups that are systematically oppressed can practice constructive resiliency as a form of peace-building.

My passions include thrift shopping, hip hop and electronic music, world travel and studying different cultures and languages. Person-Directed Planning, also known as person-centred planning grew out of a commitment to inclusion as a social goal and was consciously designed as an inclusive process. Do I have as many friends as I'd like to have?

LIGHTS: Person Directed Planning

I look forward to helping individuals reach their goals and to overcome obstacles along the way. Contact Information For more information please contact Team Leader ext. Los Angeles, CA: When Julie finished high school she spent most of her days alone at home in the apartment she shares with her mother.

The intensity of the planning will vary depending on the needs of the person.

Lesley discovers her gifts through planning.

Send email Weaving a Story of Change … learnings so far is available on the oifn. Explain at this point, that this is the first step in giving the individual the freedom and choice to define their own life plan; that you will be asking the individual to decide on the type of meeting they would like and explain that whatever help they would need to get the meeting organized will be provided.

As with any planning process, we must remember that the goal is not simply to have a great plan, but also to put great effort into the actions taken to see that each goal on that plan materializes - to turn dreams and visions into reality. Person-directed planning and facilitation is a process which can be carried out throughout someone's life. People to attend - Who does the person want to come? Louise Cayer-Deslauriers: Present the individual with list of questions that they should be thinking about before the meeting.

If the person is non verbal and has a limited range of motion, suggest a 'welcome to my meeting' card prepared in advance and assist the person to hand them out to everyone to start the meeting.