What Is a Trickle Charger?

There are also causes other than short trips and cold weather which can affect the state of your battery. It charges at 4 amps, which is good enough to charge a battery in addition to maintaining it.

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The gauge may show a high charging rate at first, but this drops gradually as the battery becomes charged. Forgot your Password? This prevents the battery going flat which can really help to prolong its lifespan and improve its long-term performance, as allowing a battery to fully discharge can cause serious damage. I'm glad I have it around the garage.

This is another low-rate trickle charger, but with a few extra features to make your battery maintenance experience easier.

Then disconnect the cables from the battery, starting with the negative clamp and then the positive. Basically, you attach it to the battery and it will go into full charge mode.

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Are the setting right on your trickle charger? The high and low charging-rate switch. Most trickle chargers put out somewhere between 1 and about 3 amps, but there is no hard and fast rule on that. Thanked 1 Time in 1 Post.

Trickle charging

Batteries by Fisher, Inc. That should put some life in the dead battery without effecting the vette electrics - then disconnect the jumper. On the other hand, 1 amp is fine for trickle charger, as you do want a nice low amperage when the device is in maintenance mode. It can switch between a 7 amp charge and a 3. September 24, It can only charge at a rate of 1. Shop Now. This model from OrionMotorTech has been stripped way back to a pretty basic design. A trickle charger then will work to keep the battery fully topped up at all times.

When and How to Use a Trickle Charger

Connecting a battery charger Some batteries have a one-piece cell-cap cover fitting in a central trough. Step 6: Image Gallery. The lead plates up front are held apart by separators. Others may only be left connected for a few days at most.