Best Types of Gravel for Patios

We used pea gravel in our raised bed garden for drainage in the pathways because it was much cheaper than using bark or mulch.

Design Layout and Mark Perimeters The design phase of your pea gravel patio offers you a lot of freedom and flexibility in expressing your own unique sense of style. Any ideas where I could get it cheaper?

Gravel Patios - What You Need to Know - Bob Vila

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Roll out the landscape fabric to cover the inside of the containment frame, overlapping each row of fabric by 4 inches. This is wonderful! Strike the top of the chisel with a hammer to split the paver. I followed the instructions I found at the link below almost to a tee.

Hey, even a complete novice can shovel! Comments Thank you for this tutorial!

DIY Fire Pit and Seating Area: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Email Address never made public. Backyard Ideas. Prior to delivery of the gravel, lay out the plastic sheeting on your lawn or driveway to make clean-up easier.

In comparison to other patio materials, inexpensive pea gravel lends itself to easy do-it-yourself installation. A pea gravel patio is fairly easy to maintain. Rehab Addict 1: I waited about 24 hours until it was all dry and then rolled out and staked down the landscape fabric. Roll the fabric out and secure it along the edges with 8" landscape spikes Image 2.

Installing a Pea Gravel Patio: Your Step by Step Guide

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