Organic Chemistry 4

One decimeter is 10 cm.

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Ordinarily, enzyme-catalyzed reactions occur with such a high level of stereoselectivity that one enantiomer of a substance is formed exclusively even when the substrate is achi- ral. Enantiomers also have important conse- quences in medicine, in which the two enantiomeric forms of a drug can have much different effects on a patient.

The plane rotates as it passes through the solution. Comment on this record. Which one gives a racemic mixture of 2R,3R - and 2S,3S -2,3-epoxybutane?

You will learn about this system if you take a biochemistry class.

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In the ionic addition of hydrogen bromide to 2-butene, for example, the stereogenic center is generated when bromide ion attacks sec-butyl cation. A filled polarimeter tube twice the length of another produces twice the observed rotation, as does a solution twice as concentrated. Convert this molecular model to a staggered conformation in which the bromines are anti to one another.

Remember, for a substance to be optically active, not only must it be chiral but one enantiomer must be present in excess of the other. The best examples are biological processes in which enzymes catalyze the forma- tion of only a single enantiomer. Given this informa- tion, how many stereoisomers are possible?

Molecular Libraries Screening Center Network. The anti stereochemistry of addition Figures 7.


A Any pair of enantiomers with two chiral centers B A pair of stereoisomers each of which has two chirality centers C A pair of stereoisomers with two different chiral centers D A pair of stereoisomers with two chiral centers that are not-enantiomers HO Cl.

Many other objects though—and this is the more interesting case—are not. The situation is the same when the two stereogenic centers are present in a ring. Consider next a molecule such as chlorodifluoromethane ClF2CH , in which two of the atoms attached to carbon are the same. OH ephedrine. The isomer that is the meso compound is the one with a plane of symmetry when an acyclic compound is drawn in its eclipsed conformation B , or when a cyclic compound is drawn with a planar ring D and F.

When a compound that contains an asymmetric carbon undergoes a reaction, what happens to the configuration of the asymmetric carbon depends on the reaction. Thus, as Figure 7. How many enantiomers? The E - or Z -configuration of the starting alkene 2. The molecular plane is a plane of symmetry.

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Molecules in which mirror images are superposable are achiral. How many diastereomers of streptimidone are possible? Figure 5.