Attain Consistent Roundness and Concentricity Readings

Parallelism misalignment occurs when the axes of rotation and the axes of tool movement are not parallel to each other. Hardened and Ground Roller pins per V-Block provides Straight line contacts and could be removed and replaced as they wear out.

If you have to gage, doing it as efficiently as possible makes sense. Usually, this is an additional tension roller that applies clamping force to the piece to be measured, holding securely between datum rollers, yet allowing it to freely rotate.

Originally Posted by Bobw. Offset mis-alignments fall into 2 axes, typically referred to as vertical or horizontal. A Microgage receiver is secured into an opposing spindle, attached to a moving tool holder, or similar machine element and collects the laser light. No clearly established terminology exists to distinguish between these two types of gages, but they are informally referred to as roundness gages, and cylindricity gages, respectively.

First, geometry gages are becoming easier to use, and second, they are rapidly becoming more affordable. Helpful Alignment Tips for Machine Shops. A third option establishes the datum axis based on two planes on the same end journal, thus enabling both the center journal and the other end journal to be measured relative to the first. Jergens, Inc. While theoretically attractive, this method has practical limitations, because any angular error in the setup will be magnified by the length of the part.

These 8 recorded values can now be used to calculate the total error or misalignment between the spindle or chuck supporting the laser and the mounting point for the receiver. Eccentricity is the distance between those two centers: Flatness is a measurement of a side to itself — seeing how flat one side of an object is, whether that object is something that is machined or read more Browse Metal Shapes and Stock Datasheets for Metal Cutting Corporation.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. For example, if a workpiece is excessively out-of-round, the software may perform additional analysis such as checking the three largest harmonics; checking part centering and leveling; or analyzing maximum peak height and valley depth , which could help to identify the source of error.

Long measuring and travel paths for easy, safe workpiece changing. One may learn from experience that, if the part is round within tolerances in the middle, it is unnecessary to measure roundness at the ends.

Then the OD is measured and its center established. Axial run-out is the result of a rotating component not being parallel with the axis, such as a drill chuck not holding the drill exactly in line with the axis. Alex Tabenkin. We have seen that, although many choices exist for defining the form requirements of a deep bore, certain attributes can best apply to certain applications. It could then use several analytical approaches to help in solving manufacturing and gaging problems.

After the user initializes the "concentricity" sub-program, software may instruct: This information can then be easily applied to re-aligning the machine itself or applying correction factors for future production runs. Te-Co, Inc. Form Measurement Technology: What makes for a useful and cost-saving, stand-alone system? Concentricity in separate planes requires more planning, because an axis as opposed to a center must first be established as a datum.

Measurement of concentricity using CMM Physics Forums

Considering the example above, if the chuck or spindle holding the laser is manually rotated the laser beam at 60 inches will produce a circular path that has a radius of 0. Use of the benefits of the most modern, optical metrology Non-tacticle measurement of sensitive parts Particularly high Measurement Capability: Identifying these areas on the drawing can be done by designating a critical zone on the drawing or drawing notes.

In addition, irregular run-out is the result of worn or rough bearings which can manifest itself as either axial or radial run-out. For most companies involved in precision metal cutting, geometry gages present a clear route to quality improvement. The operator clamps the spindle component, tool bit, toolholder or finished part into the datum rolls on a cylindrical qualified diameter for runout measuring.