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Well humans like to. Thousands of captioned meme photos have been based on Tardar's seemingly-sad face.

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Many large accounts on Instagram treat Twitter as a content-management system for laying out images with text, but that comes with huge limitations. People get excited about it but you're also inviting a lot of strangers into your life. He also maybe, just maybe achieves immortality. He explained, "There is a race to put things on the air and it seems like nowadays they will check to see if things are real after [the story is] aired rather than before.

Rick's video, "Milk and Honey," was a curated performance that was "basically identical in structure" to "Interior Semiotics," in which a girl puts on a messy, passionate performance in front of an audience of hipsters, only instead of using Spaghetti-O's, the girl is bathing in a kiddie pool filled with milk.

Add us: Oddly, Randall's narration is quite engaging, so don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting more Randall videos after honey badger. But the science notwithstanding, the shock value and creative 'pyrotechnics' are worth 3 minutes of your time to watch these videos. Your Feedback.

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Along with his skeletal friend, Achmed, Jeff parodies terrorism and manages to win the hearts of audiences everywhere. One could analogize to the case, Bill Graham Archives v.

One reality we must all face: It means 'shock' and 'stupidity' at the same time, often as a caption for unflattering photos.

The internet is a playground; a simulation model for the real world, where everything is easier, faster, and desires can be indulged in on a vicarious level with limited responsibility or real life implications. A post shared by Social Practice Mafia socialpracticemafia on Jul 31, at 7: It turns out becoming a meme without your consent can suck really, really hard.

What to watch on TV tonight: The text usually appeared with a simple cartoon of a bald man peeking over a wall, his distinctive long nose in full view.

Today, he now resides in that same house. Knowing the clap choreography and the fun rhymes and being able to do both at the same time —these are hallmarks of coolness to a 3rd-grader. Dear Fifi: As memes have increasingly dominated social platforms like Instagram, the methods for making them remain largely rudimentary.

Fred Rogers was an educational influence for millions of youth before he passed away in Apparently, the functionality of such a mythical weapon was debatable. Report a Comment.

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More Videos It is not so surprising that this information is unavailable since memes are often used without permission from or even attribution to the owner of the copyright in the image. Catchy music with videos of small critters.

To learn more see our Cookies Policy. The original dick pic? A post shared by Ronald Pickinpaugh mspainttrash on Mar 5, at In rare cases, memes can be profound art and music curiosities, and even philosophical ideas.