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The term was considered descriptive, concise and uniformly applicable as it combined two main mission elements: Maintenance put them there! Necessary travel will be at the applicant's own expense. AF Website. Operation Safe Side developed into the 82nd Combat Security Police Wing, consisting of three "combat security police" squadrons, but was inactivated in December , ending the unofficial use of the light blue beret.

Defensor Fortis [4]. The Air Force says most of the airmen attacked were part of a Security Forces team passing through Germany on their way to a deployment in Afghanistan. Of those fatalities, seven were the result of hostile action such as small arms fire and improvised explosive devices. Their duties also call for performing life-saving procedures, like CPR, when acting as first-responders to an accident or disaster situation. Office for Law Enforcement.

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Advanced training within the security forces can lead to becoming an Air Force counter-sniper. Security Forces personnel also train dog teams in all aspects of canine law enforcement and are occasionally assigned to an armory to control and safeguard arms, ammunition and equipment.

At the end of the operation, they had reduced attacks on the local airbase to almost zero, while capturing 18 high-value targets, eight major weapons caches, and 98 other insurgent or terrorist targets. K… https: Play media. Army was cited as being tasked to control the security of the area around the air base, and after-action scrutiny along with politics served to foster distrust and jealousy between services, chains of command and the U.

Operates in various field environments, performs mounted and dismounted individual and team patrol movements, tactical drills, battle procedures, convoys, military operations other than war, antiterrorism duties, and other special duties. They'll also learn anti-terrorism and law enforcement techniques, and how to be effective in air base defense, armament and equipment, information security and other related skills.

Directs vehicle and pedestrian traffic; investigates motor vehicle accidents, minor crimes, and incidents; and operates speed measuring, drug and alcohol, and breath test devices. Hidden categories: Units were deployed throughout the European, Asian and African theaters and designed to defend against local ground attacks. Archived from the original on 6 October Retrieved 2 November Air Force Recruiting.

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Who you prepare with is, too. My Profile News Home Page. We aim to do just that. Posted 12 mo ago. Let's stay connected. Many of the squadrons that were part of the Safe Side project, such as the st Security Police Squadron Test , established observation posts, listening posts, conducted reconnaissance and ambush patrols, and served as mobile response forces to protect the airbases.

Performance of this mission fell to the provisional base defense task forces to be organized and equipped like infantry.