How to run a strategy workshop – The event

A focused assignment forces participants to think in new ways about relevant issues and gives the team a frame of reference for the conversation.

Off-Sites That Work

Michele Mind Tools Team. An aligned executive team leaves the off-site prepared to make faster, better decisions—and fewer decisions at cross-purposes—making it far more likely that the strategy will be executed effectively. The leader may, at times, have to break a logjam in the conversation, but if people expect the boss to wrap up every discussion with a final decision, they will merely tee up critical issues and wait to be told the answers.

And what catering facilities does the venue provide? What are the systems and metrics that empower your capabilities?

How to Run a Strategy Session

Show Ratings Hide Ratings. When looking at big-picture topics like what business the company should be in, as well as more-focused questions like how to build new core competencies, executives must peer beyond the immediate horizon to three to ten years into the future.

On Planning: Breaking up the meeting gives team members time to take the results of the initial session back to their constituents. Leaders planning a strategy off-site often create an agenda made up only of blocks of time devoted to various topics.

The authors provide these suggestions: Asking an executive to abandon a favorite strategic initiative can be like asking him to shoot his puppy. Here is where you define your recipe for success.

Effective Strategic Planning Workshop

Here are a few specific considerations for an alignment workshop:. It also builds a better understanding of nomenclature. Just as important, they will finish a successful off-site as one unified team dedicated to executing that strategy. Charlie Swift. Where there was nearly unanimous agreement, the executives wasted little time in conversation.

An opportunity to review highlights of the past 3 to 5 years. Hope it helps when you develop and deliver your next workshop! This workshop may be one of the only opportunities to have the sustained attention of some people in the room on content, so I tend to err on the side of breadth over depth.

Most activities can be adjusted for larger groups.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi Filip, Thank you for your feedback on the article. Introduce the goals of the workshop, agenda, and ground rules.

Find Out More. The best results come from considering the most extreme scenarios. Published in: For an activity about audiences, for instance, you might have: Views Total views. Faced with this impasse, the CEO decided that the off-site would be successful if the executives could develop a high-level implementation plan for those two priorities.