You can no longer disassemble Divine Rapiers in Dota 2

They looked to ugly for me while LoL heroes looked acceptable Max about 6 years ago fakkenfagget: Mar 17, And with the comment section being too limiting, it'd be like the blind leading the deaf. Oh, and that NAME is everything wrong with everything. Can confirm, love playing willow and rapier is my go to item if i ever get But rapier is a comeback item that you get in desparation when you're losing and need to turn the game around, then any hard carry can get it.

Nerf NOW!! Because every LoL baby ever that heard a pro-dota argument immediately thought " Oh man, this guy says the game I'm playing sucks and the one he's telling me to play is much better?

Not in this genre obviously, but it helps to understand game design no matter the genre. ClinkzEastwood about 6 years ago David: Also - the bounty encourages feeding the guy with it, making him even stronger. I used to love having a sort of rapier rush on medusa. Theres nothing more satisfying when defending t4 push with megas and the enemies clumped together then critting them all with ember that has bf daeda and divines.

There is this meme build where you buy aghs and bkb and you can tp back to base before you actually die Stops me from being able to explain things. Auchvits , Mar 17, The time now is Not everything in dota 2 is free. Would you guys rather have the game designers reinventing the wheel all the time? Weighing in.

For you LoL players, imagine if your assassin bought a Soulstealer and oracles, then derped into the enemy team who collects the killstreak bonus.

This Item reminds me of a game I played as Pugna; I luckily killed enemy Monkey and got his rapier, then I went to my shadow fiend and used my Ulti on him until I denied myself.

Divine Rapier by Auchvits

Just goes to show how delicate this item is. Just be careful how you use it. Forgot your password? Actually they are the same. For various different reasons listed by others. So it's not you who cannot explain but we who cannot see obvious things that you cannot explain.

Divine Rapier by Auchvits HIVE

Also, the submit button is " Troll NOW!! I'm not sure if that's entirely justified, but in my eyes, it is. We should stop complaining and instead focus on some hot Nerf NOW! Can no longer be manually dropped by other players than the one who purchased it when they pick it up.