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Samsung on Tuesday acknowledged the problems but said it viewed them as isolated. Yay for the ESA! I tried both the what is this bug form and the comments and questions form but none of them will submit.

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May 26, at 5: I was stunned at its sheer size! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Erica mowery says: I can imagine it frightening you. Our money is on a Toe-Biter and we just posted another, fresh Canadian report. Picture s should be as clear and well lit as possible. Well I have no pictures of it, I kind of was scared and yelled for my mom to kill it. Languages English. May 18, at 4: I have what I think is a roach-type bug,. John Mahr says: April 25, at 3: Both my sister and I jumped off the car and a male passerby got out of the car with a stick.

For more than years, Land Grant Universities in the U. The society provides an identification service for members of the society. So, you want to know what that bug is.

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We are not going to apologize for not being able to answer all the mail we receive. We generally cannot identify a bug without a photo! For 2. Have brownish color and yellowish varying. May 5, at 5: May 18, at 2: Face to face with the beetle Oedemera nobilis. Buggirl says: Clickable Guide.