Ordering Rational Numbers

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This lesson plan is part of a larger unit covering number sense and operations. The students have demonstrated proficiency at addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of integers, decimals, and fractions.

Since they have become like fractions and the one having larger denominator will be greater of the two. Divisibility Rules Unit 4: The least is negative 3. The Aces represent 1, the Jacks represent 11, the Queens represent 12, and the Kings represent It is relatively straightforward to change these all into the same units for direct comparison.

Sixth grade. In a previous lesson, students learned how to identify integers and how they are placed on a number line. Number System Quiz. Is 0 an irrational number? The space is also totally disconnected. Google Drive. Math4Texas Responsive Web Design.

Sixth Grade / Ordering a Set of Rational Numbers

Belmont, CA: So assuming you've had a go at it, so let's do it together, and to help us there, let's plot these numbers on a number line, and I have a number line up here, so there you go, there is a handy number line. Compare rational numbers. Mini Lesson 15 minutes. Help me decide. Any totally ordered set which is countable, dense in the above sense , and has no least or greatest element is order isomorphic to the rational numbers.

Laws of Algebra for Rational Numbers. Allow each group ample computer time to prepare charts and graphs for their presentations Review Have students play Fraction Bingo with the teacher as the caller.

How do you order the rational numbers from least to greatest: -4 3/5 -3 2/5, -4.65, -4.09?

To Please enter at least one email address. So, the one having larger numerator will be greater of the two. Continued fraction. Questions or Feedback? Possible Solution. Write fractions and mixed numbers as decimals. Find sources: Students will play the integer game.

Locate rational numbers on a number line. For this game, the deck of cards should be divided equally among the group. So, I can do it over here. The rationals are the smallest field with characteristic zero: It is best if each person in your group agrees to interview an equal number of students.