Who was the first president to throw a first pitch on Opening Day?

Giants 2.

The choice of Owens was certainly more inspired than the choice to open Dodger Stadium in In he motioned for the New York and Washington players waiting for his toss to move back and then lobbed the ball a short distance to Gil McDougald of the Yankees. Giles's career, in fact, owes quite a lot to his first ball selections. More recently, and more to the point, he threw out a ball between games of a doubleheader at Fenway Park on Aug.

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He threw out six first balls, four on Opening Day and one each at the and World Series. Now it was Oct. The first sitting president to throw a pitch was William Howard Taft. I think she was a dancer at the Cha Cha Club. Players and baseball fans considered Taft one of their own; and the Washington Senators held the interest of the nation and the Oval Office.

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Yanks ink Hicks to 7-year extension through '25 New York Yankees. The Senators went under Wilson, but team owner Clark Griffith noticed that Wilson's arm was tiring. I'm sure they understood what was at stake. View all Entertainment Sites.

The Presidential box was erected. A century and a half later, the first ball tradition thrives. When Chris Webber called a timeout his team didn't have, Michigan was hit with a technical foul that clinched the national title for North Carolina.

I'd think it would have to post date the "casual presidency" - wearing tails and a top hat is hardly conducive to throwing the pitch out. Once the ceremony became less of a scramble, the catcher sometimes found himself alone with the president. Cardinal fan David Hartman.

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In fact, one player who caught a Harding pitch admiringly described it as "heavy. His approval rating might have had something to do with it, but to be fair, not every newly elected president has availed himself of the first opportunity to open a season. Cardinals 3. This marked the first time since that a Chief Executive had attended a baseball game in the Capital 3. The Athletics thought they had an elephant who could do just that in , the year the pachyderm was restored as the team mascot.

When Politics Is Really Hardball — Baseball's Opening Day

Loosely qualifying in the literary category are sportswriters, whose first pitches have fortunately been few and far between. Occasionally, though, Trump has shown off his athleticism to the public. Phillies should set hard deadline on Bryce Harper Philadelphia Phillies.

TD Ameritrade Park Omaha. At the last minute, however, he surprised everyone when he suddenly turned and threw it at the unsuspecting Johnson.