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Doctor Who series 11 episode 10 series finale preview. The press were accurate in reporting the return of Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane, along with K9, in the second series.

Consider the Third Doctor: Radio Times. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Champions League. New Doctor Who logo and insignia for the eleventh series. Doctor Who review: Crystal Palace.

There are few other British drama series that can generate this much coverage, positive or otherwise, and as with spoilers for upcoming soap episodes, reporters sometimes get it right whether the producers want plot and casting details to get out or not. Channel 4.

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The Doctor finds traces of time travel energy in the area. More unfairly, rumours about the Doctor's regeneration reared their head again, uglier than ever.

Doctor Who and tabloid rumours: when have they got it right? Den of Geek

Follow Metro. The exposed mutant creature possesses Aaron in an attempt to force the Doctor to take it to Skaro , but she releases it into a supernova instead.

You may see her. After the wedding, the Doctor accosts Manish for the crime, and he calls some armed colleagues. The Doctor, the Ux, and Paltraki's crew work together to return the planets, and the Doctor and her companions leave.

Was Resolution a strong return for the Daleks? This article is about the series. They discover a mirror with no reflections; the mirror is a portal. Retrieved 5 December Having returned to Sheffield, the Doctor meets Yasmin's family, while Graham heads home to grieve over Grace. The News. Astos becomes trapped in a pod and dies when the pod is jettisoned and explodes. Retrieved 14 November She, Graham and Yasmin enter, while Ryan remains behind.

Reaching the monument's location, the pilots claim joint victory. List of Doctor Who home video releases. While Ryan removes false notices at bus stops, he encounters Krasko blocking the bus route. While scavenging on an alien junkyard planet, the Doctor, Graham, Yasmin and Ryan are caught in a sonic mine's detonation.

Chibnall had the final say on the actor, although the decision also involved Charlotte Moore and Piers Wenger, the director of content and head of drama for the BBC respectively. Daily Express. Why are we using inverted commas?