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Incredulous , the Bulls went to the league for a review. More By This Author. Thanks to his mega-gaffe, we all now know how NOT to use the word literally since literally literally means you are being literal.

When the teacher suggested that the students skip taking the math test and take an extra recess instead, the class quickly assented. Unlike the sentence using i. No that was just the effect of my trying to keep this article from being too long. Word List Actions: I am wholly incredulous of the truth of his story. What I am doing is using a hyperbole to exaggerate what I could "literally" do. Jules McWyrm December 19, - 8: So while most babies have to breach the birth canal to enter this world, only the breech baby does it ass-first.

So Like well , so is a linguistic hedge that has gained popularity in recent years. Incredible isn't just an empty modifier for some new product.

Wordsmith Long October 3, - 3: Sign in to post a comment! One of my favorites, "I'm so nauseous. Garner, Today's society is in desperate need of such edifications. I've never heard the former used correctly. Keep it simple, and avoid "literally" "figuratively" "actually" etc. If someone were to go through Biden's speech and simply cross out every use of the word "literally", it would have been a much stronger speech. Jayson Williams asked incredulously , when asked about Anderson's exploits.

I have known " amuse " and " bemuse " to cause some people difficulty.

But, very often, it is used involuntarily in conversation, just like um. His face darkened, and he looked at her in incredulous horror. However, it's not a crutch-word when it retains its full meaning, like when describing a situation in which the whole of something is involved: We're sorry, you must be a subscriber to comment.

New York Times. Just like there are no internet forums, there are internet fora. Already a subscriber? Nevertheless, I'm cold!

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Where do they sell Guatemalan clothing. It's usually something good, but bad stuff, like earthquakes, can be hard to believe, too:. Thanks again for a useful article ;. The thing is. I'm tired, are you?

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