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This directory is set when you install Notes, but you can change it in User Preferences.

But there is more. They get messyer with each "cleanup" operation from management! Centralised and server managed: After all, if it is MY workspace, let me put anything on it anywhere I want it.

We have an initial design and so far has been getting great response from usability tests from pictures and mockups -- not from real working code yet.

Changing Out Workspace Icons for Custom Corporation Background - Mindwatering Incorporated

But you can, by calling in an post open event by Lotus Script. Make Internet URLs http: Stephan H.

The workspace, also known as the "tile wall", is still the preferred interface for Notes users. In the meantime, we have Florian Vogler and Icodex http: The workspace is available in the Databases folder, and the user interface is the same as in Release 4. Scroll through the list of available icons and click and drag the Window Workspace to the right-hand window. Technical Area: Instead it tries to get it using the anonymous id. This setting does not appear in the list if your system is set to use more colors than Combining that with a default template ship it along with the standard template that can allow an organization to feed the list of applications they have can do away with the need for any workspaces.

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If it is, where can I download it? As most of you, I value the good old Workspace. Include the currrent work arounds today. Also tried that one already. Bogdan Djoric, Views will update in the foreground.

Getting to your workspace in Notes

Printing occurs in the background so you can continue working while during intensive printing jobs. Feedback on Help or Product Usability? Maybe this helps: