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The lenses are different colours and different magnification. I didn't fancy getting one that hangs around my neck as I thought I would have to hold the work close to my chest and end up squinting out the bottom of my eyes. The result is a secure but light headband, some really good lenses that give you a great view of your subject.

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Posted by wjbwjb29 on Saturday, April 25, 3: Not thrilled with it. My modelling desk faces the window but I still suffer with the lack of good light at this time of year. Instead, I use 2. The 3. Cadet Chuck Member since April, From: Store Wide Sale: They have plastic lens and those with lights are heavy battery and cumbersome.

Tamiya Magnifying Visor

Search Keywords or Item. The Japanese strategy of weakening its currency to spur exports is working on me. With my glasses on, and just the 2x power lens, focus seems to be best by holding something to a distance of the width of my hand with my fingers stretched as wide a possible from the visor front.

What magnification was the lens you have at the moment? Computer, did we bring batteries?

Donegan OptiSIGHT Magnifying Visor-Blue JOANN

Hands-free magnification produces more accurate and efficient viewing. Product Actions Add to cart options. I've got an Optivisor, but I think I'm going to send it back to Amazon.

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Glasses type magnifier with LED lamp. Zip Code. The 1. Tension is not adjustable on the rivet hinges that allow the visor holding the lenses to be raised or lowered while keeping the headband in place. So we've been looking to see if there is a slightly cheaper option and bought in one of lightcrafts Deluxe headband Magnifiers to test and it really is a well thought through tool.

Bronze handle 80mm 10x reading magnifying glass July 23, 8: Show Only.