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Case of Stankov and the United Macedonian Organization Ilinden v. Bulgaria

The facts of the present case had to be seen, however, against the background of the difficulties in the region. Copyright tags or comment. Technically, I could claim it and I would have no way of proving it, nor has anyone any way of disproving it either. It contains a short overview of historical events, complaints about the attitude of the Bulgarian authorities and the following main demands: One side of my family has been deported from the Aegean land in , to Poland.

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Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. Turkey, loc. The event took place at his grave at the Rozhen monastery. The Constitutional Court further noted that representatives of the applicant association had made offensive remarks against the Bulgarian nation. Macedonian dobro vecer! Source language: Pozz do site, osobeno do Camilla.

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Bravo bravo! Again, what I guess is a pretty common experience among your people after reading this thread , is unbelievable to me: The Court finds, therefore, that the probability that separatist declarations would be made at meetings organised by Ilinden could not justify a ban on such meetings. That is true, The Macedonian government prior to independence stayed clear of the Macedonian minorities in greece and bulgaria on a smaller scale so they do not hurt the Yugoslavian - greece relations.

I believe you brother, its only the one time Ive personally seen it, and so It really stuck out to me as strange to say the least.

Depends on what you mean by "hardcore Grkomani". The video has been taken back in , and was hiden in front of all of us. Having joined the applications and declared them partly inadmissible on 21 October , the Commission declared the remainder admissible on 29 June Log in. Please, it has been done to death, that "feeling" is the remnant of the local 'Greek' bishop forcing your relatives to forget everything they have known for centuries for the purpose of becoming a 'Hellene'!

The short publication went on by recalling that Mr D.