10 ways to kill time on a flight

Here, Rebecca shares her top 5 tips for a zero-waste flight. There are tons of excellent books and travel stories from writers such as Pico Iyer, Ted Conover, and Bill Bryson just to name a few you can read to wile away time. Indonesian 1.

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How many are you? Back Topics. Long flights back provide the perfect opportunity to reflect on your travels and jot down your feelings, observations, and experiences. Make sure you download a couple of offline gaming apps for your journey just in case you run out of WiFi, and find out how to connect once you have boarded. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.

You can take quick shots here and there, being clever about the angles of shoot to avoid the people.

By Matt Burgess. What are you interested in? The expected utility of a two per cent chance of missing the flight is simply two per cent of the utility of missing the flight: You know you want to try it. On a trip back from Pamplona two years ago, I ended up sitting next to and sharing bull running footage with a Belgian businessman who ran his own consulting firm. The landing approach takes you directly amidst the Alpine mountain ranges and along picturesque Inntal valley - it is one of the most spectacular highlights at the beginning of your holiday!

Rebecca founded The Lather Box — a subscription box of all-natural, zero-waste toiletries — with a mission to make plastic-free showering a hassle-free choice.

Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram Email. You know what they say, take Beano before… 7. Perhaps the most popular forms of entertainment during flights is film and TV.

Sync up a few TED Talks or download your favorite podcasts. A personal highlight: For the first round, players simply describe the person without saying their name. Those are the top five tips for zero-waste travel. However, I thought I would at least relay some tips on how to survive in a 2 x 3 x 4 transparent jail cell known as a plane seat while literally traveling to the other side of the world.

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Start small: Quick View. If you buy it in the airport, you can definitely keep them on the plane. Simple alternative — stick with the ginger ale.