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He consults in the areas of error reduction, communication, and risk management. Insider snooping - This refers to family members or co-workers looking into a person's medical records without authorization.

Orthopaedic Nursing, 23 6 , Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services n. Covered entities must reasonably limit uses and disclosures to the minimum necessary to accomplish their intended purpose.

McAllister also advocated for transparency: Employers cannot use the information to screen candidates for hire or promotion. A provider may choose to exclude the parent when abuse is suspected or when including the parent would endanger the child.

The Role of Nurses in HIPAA Compliance, Healthcare Security

Focus on your own observations, which will make you less likely to reveal information about those around you in your blog. Criminal prosecutions are unusual, although theft of PHI for financial profit is likely to result in up to 10 years imprisonment. Unprotected storage of private health information - A good example of this is a laptop that is stolen.

HHS then moved to solve such problems by making exceptions to the rules. A provider may choose to exclude the parent when abuse is suspected or when including the parent would endanger the child Patients have the right to restrict clergy visits and religious information. According to medicinenet. I felt that this personal information is no other persons business. I was contemplating starting a nursing blog.

And every day more and more people are able to access their own electronic health records and have a greater understanding for the important role technology plays in their pursuit of good health.

Examples of HIPAA Violations

Allen, M. An example would be providing a prospective employer the results of a physical examination or a laboratory test. Your Health Information, Your Rights.

A patient has the right to release only parts of their medical record. Take the Take the Nurse Blogging online course! If a nurse breaches HIPAA by accident, it is essential that the incident is made known to the person responsible for HIPAA compliance in your organization — the Privacy Officer, if your organization has elected or hired one — or your supervisor.

The security guard in a healthcare institution needs to know the name and room number of patients to guide visitors.

They found that employees have a misconception that only managers or owners need to know or abide by HIPAA and so they neglect proper training. The process is time-consuming, embarrassing and expensive.

Examples of HIPAA Violations

In , an administrative assistant at a Mississippi nursing school lost her job when she tweeted a message to Governor Haley Barbour about his recent medical exam.

The decision as to what can be released about an individual who is receiving treatment by a covered entity must be based on established policies and procedures that reflect HIPAA and other applicable state laws. Nursing Assistants from California, only. HIPAA contains provisions for both privacy and security.

Nurses Bound By Ethics, Law to Maintain Privacy Nursing News, Stories & Articles

Sign Up for OCR Updates To sign up for updates or to access your subscriber preferences, please enter your contact information below. I was recently in the ER for a painful Knee. Hello I work in a medical office and one day the Dr. Patients may also sign authorizations. The nurse proceeded to ask personal questions about my other health problems and I then told her what medications I was on.