Why Is Charles Shaw Wine So Cheap?

While some white wines can age i.

FACT CHECK: Why Is Charles Shaw Wine So Cheap?

The latest thing with white people is bringing their own wine to restaurants and having the staff uncork and decant for a modest fee. Which type do you like most? Sales of pinot noir but not merlot! One of my whitest friends is crazy about white zinfandel and she is the right kind of white person. Night train, any one? Hands down, the best beginner book about wine. He added that some are best enjoyed cold mizore , down to about degrees Celsius and quite hot tobi-kiri-kan , up to about 60 degrees Celsius.

The Daily Show correspondents swear by it Comedian John Hodgman brings a bottle of Malort to his standup shows, passing it around for the audience to chug the bottle usually comes back to him three-quarters full. The women came to the boat falling down drunk, carrying boxes of wine and plastic cups. Not that I can use this as scholarly research or anything, but it provided a nice work break. If you would like to be a real wine snob, insist on a Pinot Gris from that area.

I live in Texas and I love Shiner beer! But I am white so it seems only appropriate. Wow, this person knows so much about white culture! Imagine if you could get a bottle of wine made in a country that no longer exists. Waste it on me instead. Jun 7, 2, Carnegie, PA. Pinot grigio must be the new chardonnay. I also prefer red blends, more specifically with a small about of Cabernet Franc.

You guys really missed the ball on this one. Notify me of new comments via email. Some vintners in northern California were even allowing their grapes to wither on the vine because the cost of picking them exceeded their market value.

Second place was a surprise.

We sat in a circle and sampled eight bottles. After I finish the first thing I am going to do is shut of my i-pod loaded with free music, grab some bottled water and spark a fat mother fuckin spliff!!!! Help Support Homebrew Talk by donating: Kristen Hartke. You mean elitist, pretentious white Americans. Plus, red wine gives me such a headache. Of course, many of us are less versed in the language and flavors of pinot noir, perhaps leaning more toward Miles' buddy Jack in Sideways , who pretty much thinks anything in a wineglass tastes good.

LOL, Taking credit. Of course, this circumstance does me immeasurable harm. California wines are so passe. Red, White less so Wines that are unacceptable unless to be consumed in an ironic fashion: Who even knows what corked wine tastes like? The Central valley of Chile does a good job, though it costs less than Australian competitors: Chardonnay, or other white wines that have been treated with oak, may be slightly darker in color than other varietals.