Usually only the symptoms can be treated

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My closest comparison, with a similar meaning, frequency, and distribution, would be something like 'stuttering', which I think—but correct me if i'm wrong—could be applied to all sorts of mechanical processes or sounds without causing offense to people with that particular speech impediment.

Often it's the person's general development that must be monitored. The causes of spastic paralysis lie in an injury to the brain or spinal cord that occurs before, during or after birth, and can be the result of paraplegia, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury or cerebral palsy.

Darkwhite, perhaps you should reread my earlier comments. Top tips for better writing Some advice to nail your writing assignments. Dude, you are such a spastic. Astroturfing In the UK there was at least at one point a rather famous pushback against the word-taboo by a member of the population whose sensitivities were supposedly being protected, although I don't know that it led to anything further. The harmonious coordination of bending and stretching muscles is disturbed.

A word can offend others when its true meaning is transparent to them, as we see in these comments about "spaz" and "insane. July 20, 6: There are two important principles at work here. Statistics for spastic Look-up Popularity.

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The whole reason we're talking about this subject is that the similar change for "spastic", while near-total in, say, the UK, is still far from universal. Get Word of the Day daily email! The difference in appreciation of the term between British and American audiences was highlighted by an incident with the golfer Tiger Woods ; after losing the US Masters Tournament in , he said, "I was so in control from tee to green, the best I've played for years Does it make sense that only one of these terms should be stigmatised?

Printable version. Your Brain Coach , for referring to players who did not perform well at the game as "Super Spastic". Somewhat ironically, I most often heard it being used by a fellow student who was a consummate athlete, and in reference to less athletic students. An incredibly derogatory term referring to people with cerebral palsy , in a similar way retarded is often used as an insult around the world.

A spaz is a person who is courteous to teachers, plans for a career, and believes in official values. On the subject of "spastic," the first time I ran into the notion that "spastic" was 1.

Once while traveling, I was discussing with some Brits the differences between our versions of English, and I mentioned "spaz" as an example, and even saying it in that context clearly offended them. In any case, let me reiterate my view which J. The easy lesson to be drawn is that one should be very careful about using "spastic" if addressing an audience e. As an American with the terms spaz, spastic, and spazzing out a part of the normal vernacular…this is actually enlightening.

Down my way growing up in eighties suburban North London , spaz and spastic were pretty much 'innocuous playground slang', to my ear anyway. Your question regarding Parkinson's Disease doesn't make much sense to me.

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My understanding is Brits still use a three-letter term for cigarettes that is highly offensive to Americans. In Australian English, "bloody" is so common as to be unremarkable. The Good Versus the Gimmicks," 3 Oct. Spanish Central: I have no trouble understanding that you and others instinctively find 'spastic' more offensive than 'drooling idiot', primarily because of its taboo status?

July 22, 2: That was spastic. Tiger sorry for 'spaz' remark — Thursday April 13, 4: