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The stylist then works the Moroccanoil through the hair, and dries in and styles like you normally would.

What Does Moroccan Argan Oil Do for Hair? Hair Pros

Add candles, prosecco and a great book for a very zen evening note: View Gallery 8 photos. The following table provides a list of the fatty acids in pure Moroccan oil as well as a guide to their amounts. Before Shampoo and Conditioner. Using a larger quantity of argan oil as a hair mask means that as many of the nutrients as possible will be absorbed. The Moroccan Oil company, often considered the "original" argan oil, has a range of hair care products.

A cult favourite, This versatile product can be used to improve the appearance and texture of both your hair and your skin. Moroccanoil was inspired by the transformative power of argan oil. After the first "original" Moroccan oil hair treatment serum, many brands have followed suit and offer their own argan oil shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums.

From Taylor Swift to your Aunt Lynn — everyone seems to be a fan. Argan oil can be used either on its own or as an ingredient in a shampoo, conditioner or styling agent. Unlike many styling agents which can cause long term damage to hair due to the chemicals included in the ingredients, argan oil enriches hair with nutrients and repairs damage.

Frizz Control: Make sure to massage into the scalp and tips to promote healthy scalp, encourage hair growth and to treat split ends. Hair elasticity can be improved and hair loss can be reduced. Moroccan oil hair care products vary in how much Moroccan oil they contain. Those who regularly apply this nourishing oil helps users to grow longer and stronger hair.

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Moroccanoil Treatment Original

The Moroccanoil Treatment is currently sold in bottles of ml each. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Argan oil helps Moroccanoil hydrate and soften your hair while also increasing elasticity and restoring shine and health to dull, lifeless hair. Dark Eyes Jackie Aina. Vote Up 0 Vote Down.

Miracle Hair Oil: How To Use Moroccanoil

Wash out when done and repeat as needed for relief from scalp dryness or itchiness. Moroccanoil hair products and hairstyling products are gentle on your hair while still getting the results you want so you always look fabulous. After showering, apply a small amount of argan oil to wet hair, then dry and style as normal. Anti-frizz Serum. Moroccanoil can be used with dry or wet hair to condition dry ends Even Colouring: Hair becomes damaged from the use of styling products, blow drying and straightening, and the weather, as well as environmental factors, like air conditioning, heating, and smog.

Find how using mustard oil for hair can be really beneficial.. If the label does not say " percent argan oil," then it is not a pure argan oil product.