Is synchronized skating an Olympic sport? Not yet, but it could be in 2022

Athletes should also make sure to check in with the ice monitor before each event. Login or sign up with Facebook. Pyeongchang Nocturne No. There will be a figure skating information desk located on the main level of the Olympic Center just outside the main doors to the Rink.

Olympic Committee: No Synchro Skating At Games Bourne News

Although considered one of the five official disciplines of figure skating, synchronized skating—in which teams of up to 24 skaters perform elaborately choreographed routines, often at breakneck speeds—is the only one not yet represented at the Olympics. Between the rules and the often contentious scoring system, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when watching the spectacle unfold on the ice.

Russia has won the last two world championships. Does the rest of the world know about synchronized skating? Music used by U. Chafik Besseghier. The senior director of synchronized skating for U. Kaetlyn Osmond.

February 7, All athletes must have qualified for one of the other four events. With 25 Olympic medals, Canada is one of the global powerhouses in figure skating along with the United States and Russia. The top five teams after the short programs advance to the free skates. Although initially dominated by just a handful of teams and countries Sweden, Finland, Canada, USA the sport has grown and become more competitive and appealing to a wider range of countries.

Skate Canada – Synchro’s Olympic Dream

Of course, the technical judges have a good eye for how well a move was pulled off. Ice dancers compete in pairs, not as individuals. Apr 03, Caroline Praderio. Parsons Skip to 1: But even the scoring box needs a bit of explaining. Leslie Graham thinks so. Competitors would come from athletes already qualified in either long track or short track.

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Figure Skating member club, a collegiate club or an individual member in accordance with the current rulebook. At this point, you'd think they'd be a handing out gold medals for math, too. It's a fairly new discipline. Like Us. Add to favourites. Please refer to the current rulebook for non-U. Here's another video to illustrate the difference between the disciplines.

Both are evaluated by a nine-person panel of judges along with a three-person technical committee, according to a breakdown provided by NBC Olympics. With that said, keep an ear out for the difference for the first time at the Olympics.