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Steve has also been shown to occasionally struggle with both substance abuse and an addiction to power.

Despite her ditzy personality, she demonstrates a keen wild streak and she has a flirty nature. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

The cover is not a good choice. In , Stan and Sergei are captured by their respective opponent sides, but during the prisoner exchange Stan was recaptured by the Soviets.

He and Terry have a surrogate baby daughter, Liberty Belle. Steve breaks up with her after he realizes she was causing it, but they get back together when he realizes it did not help. His parents have him see a therapist who is implied to engage with him inappropriately and romantically.

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Thanks for reporting this video! However, he has the biggest bond with Roger because they are always going from one crazy adventure to another. He also has been a writer for King of the Hill and many other shows and movies.

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This, along with their physical appearances, implies that the Turlingtons are siblings. When he and Snot go on a double date with her, Ashley's friend turns out to be a doll named Julia. It is implied that she still loves Steve. He is almost always seen with something in his hands such as a coffee cup.

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She later marries Hercules, a widowed Greek butcher who she meets through Francine, and tells Stan that neither she nor Stan need to depend on one another as they once did, ending his obsessive protectiveness of her. They leave without meeting her. She has three children with her ex-husband, who is yet to be named. The cover is visually disturbing.

Akiko has aged a lot more than Steve in the past 14 years : americandad

When Stan drunkenly outs Terry, Tank disowns Terry. One of the children in particular would be her son Johnny, who Stan is always pulling his gun on to scare. He has also come into conflict with Stan, who wants Steve to follow in his footsteps. She seems to have a strong dislike for Francine and is often seen hanging out with Kristy White. Roger developed a "boy crush" on Jack but the other family members were wary of him.

In this episode he identifies himself as "Daniel".


Steve thinks Debbie is the cause of his father's condition and breaks up with her. American Dream Factory Akiko has aged a lot more than Steve in the past 14 years i. Animated Series Release Date: In the past, Terry is implied to be closeted from his father, stating, "I've told you, as soon as my father dies I will wear the ring! Follow TV Tropes. When Steve exposes Etan's true immaturity, she dumps Etan and gets back together with Steve.

She reappears in " Candles", where Steve successfully asks her out to the prom after his confidence is boosted by the appearance of his first pubic hair.

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Later, Betsy who had herself become interested in Steve kisses Steve and because Steve was pregnant with Roger's baby at the time, the baby transferred into Betsy. Despite his apparent inability to speak English, his sister and parents can speak excellent English.

The given name of this particular Turlington is not revealed. They are incredibly wealthy and appear good-natured, but deep down they are very self-centered.