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I would like to receive: Even the best schools — especially the best schools — know and are honest about things they need to improve. I then decided that a comprehensive diagnostic program was not enough by itself — it had to be supported by a data tracking system. Enter your message here The quality of learning and teaching, based on honest and robust assessments, is used developmentally. Support and training. The National Policy on Whole School Evaluation is designed to achieve the goal of school improvement through a partnership between supervisors, schools and support services at one level, and national and provincial governments at another.

School Self Evaluation Report / - Newtown School

The most important components are as follows:. Pupils in all classes in the school are affirmed in their learning and teachers encourage and celebrate their achievements in a caring way. Does the DfES answer reflect for you the driving motive for engaging in self-evaluation? Team-teaching is a notable feature of practice in the senior classes Teachers in the middle and senior classes might also usefully consider more widespread use of calculators and I.

The board of management and wider school community are to be congratulated for their vision in addressing these deficiencies in securing planning permission for an ambitious further development of the school premises.

What would your rationale be? Do teachers use the data to understand each students' strenths and areas for improvement? Designing a whole-school literacy program.

Designing a whole-school literacy program - Teacher

I Understand. I ventured to design a program that was to be used by all teachers in the school and could:. Assessment for Learning Tools and Activities. My contacts. It is reinforced by developing staff and pupils' abilities and opportunities to operate autonomously. You would assume that all schools were places of learning, but this does not always apply to the staff, as distinct from the children. Summary of findings and recommendations for further development The following are among the strengths of the school identified in the evaluation: Literacy and Numeracy practices are to be embedded, with regular review, Quality of school planning 2.

Tony Thornley was head of Guiseley School in Leeds from to Utilise a centrally located data depository to show the benefit of the program to students, teachers and parents. Introduction A school self-evaluation of teaching and learning in Newtown School was undertaken during the period from November to May This is followed by structured intervention with the appropriate pupils with parental involvement under the guidance of the learning-support teacher.

School Self-Evaluation Desford Community Primary School

Section Two second-year students from Student survey findings School Policy and Advisory Guide. Reply Flag as inappropriate. The individual quality of teaching and learning in the visual arts is good in all classes. Upload Log in. Quality of school management 1.

They manage to create a self-aware, learning school. A team comprising Deputy Principal and four special-duties post holders ably assist the principal in aspects of school administration, planning and curriculum development. Share Tweet Email Print. The Report recognises the pastoral leadership and vision of school management, the emphasis on student care, the focus on positive behavior and the atmosphere of mutual respect which pervades the school.

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