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Truly vile. Sign In Don't have an account? Further, when I compare Coulton's mixed Karaoke track v. Your test makes me think it's very possible they are using those original tracks.

I concur with comments made from others: I could see you either showing up as yourself and interacting with Artie or taking on your own brief role as a side character in an episode. While it's not in the best fashion by not giving you credit , within the next few weeks a WHOLE bunch of people will be introduced to Jonathan Coulton's music.

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Glee in the future. He is merely investigating whether it is the case by stating the evidence that led him to believe it. I just mean that if people are jumping on the "all work should be credited" wagon, then they should consider all the angles Sue later tells cheerleader Becky Lauren Potter , who has Down syndrome , that Sue's baby will be "just like her"; Becky advises Sue to learn to be patient.

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Retrieved October 21, If Glee used the karaoke version of Baby Got Back and failed to pay Jonathan Coulton the one dollar to download the song, Jonathan might have a very strong case. Of course, iTunes sales are another matter entirely. The banjo is the most distinctive part, but after listening to the track together with the properly leveled mandolin and guitar parts I'm dead convinced they are using JoCo's source tracks. They have done this before to Petra Haden, Greg Laswell, and presumably others.

Go Your Own Way Getting a copy of the background tracks is not hard. Of course, I don't know how copyright rules play out with music and whether this is considered to demonstrate significant original content or not. It's part of why the Kurt-Blaine romance was so popular this season.

Daily Mail and General Trust. It reflects poorly on the actors as well; I quite like some of the actors on Glee but I've been uncomfortable with the show's writing and direction for a long time now.

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Maybe the episode starts with Artie wanting to see JoCo at a club. To be copyrightable, a derivative work must differ sufficiently from the original to be regarded as a new work or must contain a substantial amount of new material.

I had no idea the split tracks were available.

Archived from the original on February 23, However, it seems like if the JoCo song were being sold as a parody of the original, it would be covered as his unique expression and thus the mechanical license would just have been a formality. You're the Top