Isku FX Gaming Keyboard: Macro Nirvana From ROCCAT

Isku FX Gaming Keyboard: Macro Nirvana From ROCCAT

SteelSeries' new budget keyboard packs in a good balance of features. The multimedia keys do not light up, but to make up for it, it comes with the basics of play, pause, mute and all that jazz, but offers up a home page key and a "computer" key to work bring up that folder in Windows. New Attachment: A groundbreaking way to better gaming. Bildet kan avvike fra produktet. When you launch the gameor exit a game to Windows, the appropriate profile loads into memory.

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Just run it and it will autoclick when certain keys or key combinations are held down. Want to add to the discussion? United States: Login Form. Sign Up No, Thank you.

ROCCAT Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Review

Anonymous - Marcus og Martinus PC. You can locate your target, quickly move into position and then hold down the Easy-Aim button as you look through the scope to aim at your target. Prebz PC. Did this answer your question?

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Now you can give your thumbs something useful to do instead of just hovering over the spacebar. I am using the driver for my tyon mouse and have mostly everything how I want it but I am just trying to configure the right forward button to be assigned to W.

Previous Page Next Page. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada's website. Immediately, you will notice this awesome, granulated wrist rest that adds a great deal of comfort when playing over an extended period of time.

Roccat Isku Review. Share this post: Unfortunately, Roccat gives you little choice in keyboard angles: And that's just on the weekends. The QIG is available in pdf file format Please note: