'Terminator 2': Arnold Schwarzenegger's surprisingly nice cyborg is back onscreen in 3-D

But for all its flaws, Terminator 2 is spectacle filmmaking with very few peers.

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Best Sound. Sign in with Facebook. Total Film. In 'Terminator 2,' Joe Morton starred as Miles Dyson, the inventor of the neural-net processor that would lead to the development of Skynet.

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Sarah, John and the T convince Dyson that they must destroy all Cyberdyne technology used in building SkyNet, including the heavily-guarded remains of the CPU and cybernetic arm left from the previous T destroyed by Sarah. Don't make me do this again. Please type the following code. Linda Hamilton showed up as a tough Sarah Connor for 'T2,' very different from the character as she was seen in the original 'Terminator.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's infamous murderous cyborg made a shocking transformation in his second screen appearance. The Final Battle T2 Trilogy. The T copies John's mother's form and confronts John but is stopped by John's real mother.

Universe at the age of Speaking of name recognition It was inevitable. Cancel Save. In the series finale, by way of introduction, the T asks using the same phrase the same of Connor and his bodyguard Cameron, who was privy to the aforementioned events in the future through Ellison, sent as intermediary.

The former California Gov. Retrieved July 8, Contents [ show ]. And, of course, he beats up everyone in the room, in brutal and convincing fashion. In the film's climactic battle, the damaged Guardian is thrown into a vat of liquid metal to be used for the creation of Ts, which restores it and gives it shapeshifting abilities similar to a T Judgment Day , computer-generated imagery had shown up, in one form or another, in a handful of movies: John, Sarah and the T flee, leading to a pursuit on the highway, which ends at a steel mill.

Wikiquote has a collection of quotations from or about: Retrieved March 1, Paramount Pictures. Upon its release, the theatrical cut ran minutes 2 hours, 17 minutes.

Recommended For Your Pleasure. Schwarzenegger, former bodybuilder and actor and now governor of California, was born in Austria.

The CGI era begins in earnest with James Cameron’s blockbuster sequel, Terminator 2

Eric Risberg, AP. After Sarah is rescued, she questions the T about the creator of SkyNet, the supercomputer fated to destroy humanity in favor of machine rule. In the second crossover between Terminator and Robocop, the T plays a fairly significant role. This appears to be in contradiction to the assumption that Weaver was coordinating the efforts to develop Skynet to eradicate humanity.

The T liquid metal terminator from Terminator: Rise of the Machines. In 's Terminator 2: