how do i find the moles and molar mass of an unknown solid acid?

Each measurement of mass is subject to a calibration uncertainty. Based in San Diego, John Brennan has been writing about science and the environment since Figure A2. Do you already have an account? Next we add additional branches to the main branch for each of these five factors, continuing until we account for all potential sources of uncertainty. Estimation of p Ka: Log in or Sign up. Each instrument we use—the balance and the automatic titrator—contributes to this uncertainty.

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First we standardized NaOH This experiment is done over a two-week period. Why does germ-x make cuts sting but not wet wipes? About the Author. Because solid NaOH is an impure material, we cannot directly prepare a stock solution by weighing a sample of NaOH and diluting to volume.

Calculating molar mass from titration?

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Now that we have an estimated p Ka , 4. Textbook Solutions. Apr 24, 5. What is the molar mass of a gas that has a density of 1. The point on the titration curve at which all of the analyte has been neutralized is called the equivalence point, and on the graph it appears as an inflection point — the steepest part of the entire curve, which is usually s-shaped. In a titration, Home Help Login Register. I do my own work, so i made these as comparisons to my data gotta avg anyway. More questions.

The mass of KHP, therefore, is 0.

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Chemistryyyyy helpppp? Therefore 0. Yahoo Canada Answers.

Then I did the experiment for finding an unknown acid Uncertainty in the Volume of NaOH. This treatment is incomplete because it omits other sources of uncertainty that influence the overall uncertainty in our results. Emma Stella Jonsson. A normal distribution is the choice when we know the confidence interval for the range. Palladium crystal has 2 bond lengths, Alpha and Beta.