How to Paint Glass Patio Table Tops

Hi Mary this has only been done for a few weeks now…so hard to tell over time what it would be like, but so far so good! Enroll now and learn DIY basics from the next generation of home improvement experts. Thank you for inspiring me with your awsome blogs! Fill a spray bottle with pure vinegar and spray the table. Mine are so comfortable, but not my colors. Your patio set looks great! How to Clean and Shine a 50s Formica Table. I love those striped chair cushions. Huuuuuge improvement if you ask me.

Black Rustoleum Flat Spray Paint Rustoleum Comfort Grip Brillo Pad Spackle Knife I did take a before and after photo of the spray paint, but somehow it never stored in my memory card, so I have no photos to share the comparison of the before and after with the paint.

We need a new grill cover: How to Paint a Stained Table. Or maybe all you need are the right accessories—a few throws and pillows—to bring your furniture back to life. Better than sliding doors by Being a good example of the Amish furniture, this small wooden side table will be an ideal accent on your patio or veranda. I have a similar set that I was thinking of replacing.

How to Update Old Patio Furniture - at home with Ashley

If your furniture is actually falling apart, it may be time to retire it. It's on my diy before you die list. I commend you for trying to avoid toxic materials, and I hope that if you are interested in making this you try it with an eco-friendly paint.. You can spruce up your patio set by reupholstering the seats. The solid wood was sanded it and whitewashed.

It looks like you just took it out of the box as a new purchase. Patio Table Makeover 1K Shares. With care, teak will stay looking beautiful for years. Thank you so much for sharing this transformation with me. Tara Gosselin Interior Design Expert. My wife loves the white and grey umbrella you have.

It looks so good! I messed up a few times and had to use the pliers to pull out the rouge nails.

How to Update Old Patio Furniture

Or fit back into the space. A can of spray paint can go a long way toward making a weary-looking piece seem nearly new. Tabletop Propane Patio Heater Cool efficient portable tabletop heater of aluminium and steel. I left some triangles unpainted to allow the white of the table to show through.