Defeat Goku and Krillin. Kalahkan Revived Goku. Defeat revived Piccolo.

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Karakter pertama kalian mungkin bisa kalian tingkatkan level-nya dengan mudah tanpa kalian sadari sambil menjalankan story mode dan banyak side quest. The human version is more near a true infinite because they only way out is to use an ultimate stamina attack. Frieza Full Power: Defeat Goku.

I can't stand this for one more second! Yeah, it's old, but fun.

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Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat Cell Kalahkan Super Saiyan Goku. The only one I know of which cost know stamina was not a true infinite with only the sayian race.

Kalahkan revived Cell. Defeat Hercule.

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However, it only releases a small amount of healing aoe, around 15 percent, which makes it undependable. Global Leaderboards.

Some of the Supers are even bigger pain in the asses than the Ultimates. Earth in Danger! I'll show you the results of my training!! Kalahkan Super Saiyan Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Complete Skill Set Guide: How To Beat Expert Mission 15

Omega Shenron: Super Vanishing Ball is pretty similar, but a little slower and more damage I believe. Posted by DarkB1ade X on 04 Jan 18 at This saved me a lot of time.

Defeat Cell. Sunday, January 3, Cheat - Dragon Ball: Karakter level 1 manapun bisa selalu menyelesaikannya dengan B rank, yang akan membuatnya mendapat 40, points experience menaikkannya langsung ke level 21 sekali coba.