Uber Kenya Car Requirements – List of Vehicles Accepted

A full-time rideshare driver should be able to accomplish this in 2 weeks.

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I would keep it very clean. We barely fit into the vehicle,I expected a larger vehicle. Find Insurers. It would have been in the same ratty condition as your BMW, but you would have had a bit of legroom.

Im obviously on the wrong thread. HUGE back seat, super comfortable. You might be able to try requesting an XL then immediately call the driver to ask if they will take your board. For more instructions on adding multiple stops to your Uber trip, read this post:.

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I saw nothing that convinced me otherwise. So ironically all of my rides were in derivatives of the same platform. Dealer Trade-in. Seemed like 50k was the upper limit?

U may have kids. Before you get a car for ride-sharing, be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements for drivers for both Uber and Lyft.

The driver said that he had to have a special inspection at the regional office in Detroit. Good thing about this car is it will get 20mpg and is mechanically reliable most pro lessons these cars have are electrical type issues.

UberX no longer required trained, limousine drivers. Yet that is exactly what I did. And there was me briefly feeling good because I was car shopping Jag XFs.

Uber Kenya Car Requirements - List of Vehicles Accepted & More

No Rolex. I love love quiet drivers. Again, markets will vary, and there can be individual exceptions. I just know that Jack owned 2. They must pay for gas, insurance, repairs, car washes and other expenses. I must have been one of the few drivers with a stick shift. Of course I bought neither, just the comparison surprised me. Yes No. If you have one of the qualifying vehicles listed above, your next step is to get familiar with the rideshare business.

My 5-Series was pretty beat up as well yet my driver was from Gabon. Youre an independent contractor.

There are other methods you can use to get ride discounts. On the surface it looks like a great deal.