A Wooo-Worthy Ranking Of Ric Flair’s Best Non-Wrestling Pop-Culture Appearances

Skip to navigation. Flair's final match in the WWE was the culmination of several months of buildup.

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I'm going to find something to do afterwards. If the genesis of WrestleMania is inevitably linked to Hulk Hogan and the part he played in establishing the event in its first few years, Starrcade is the event that Ric Flair built. Never the same suit on TBS. Luger, who stepped up and took Sting's spot after he got injured, had one of the best matches of his career opposite Flair -- and that's no coincidence.

The best watches to give and get! Anyway, that would have been about Office Space Peter. The moniker has become such a big part of him that ESPN named his 30 for 30 after it. The farthest back I go with it is Freaks and Geeks, Joe Flaherty's character used to say it and I think the daughter did a few times as well.

Yeah, you deal with it and you grieve and you compartmentalize it, and then it all bubbles back to the surface a couple months later.

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There are a bunch of tremendous people working there, but they can't enjoy themselves the way we did. Physical Description velvet overall material satin overall material plastic sequins overall material feathers overall material Measurements overall: But he estimated that he slept with about 10, women. I recall hearing Sarah Silverman use a bit on Conan a few years ago where she said something like, "You know who else's birthday it is?

Try something boxy and structured. It's not conversations I've had with them in the past, but it's a fair assessment.

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Vince McMahon can say you had a good match, but they'll pull up something on the Internet by somebody who doesn't know shit about wrestling that says their match was crap, and they'll get all wrecked about it. How did Timex interpret this lousy night? Level with us, Ric. They wouldn't be in Sydney one night, St. Come on, Donny, they were threatening castration! I never wore the same suit twice.

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He never would have been able to adjust to her success. My two favorite towns were Atlanta and Chicago. You know, the ones that fit like a dream when you bought them a few months ago, but got lazy along the way and now sag around the backside and knees? The whole documentary was an emotional ride, but sections of the documentary about the passing of your son Reid were especially heartbreaking. It's done as humor, but not using Hitler.

Perfect and Bobby Heenan, made Flair's victory all the more iconic. This thread is closed to new comments.

You might have a flair for photography, wrestling, or dressing like a flapper.