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After a chapter or two, I told myself I understood where the author was taking me. Even the secondary characters here are fun, because who of us doesn't have an awful Imogen hanging around? Her father made her feel safe after her mother walked out but he dies. A touching and sensitive portrayal of the interconnected mess of everyday life and love.

We find ourselves making the same decisions as the story progresses because there doesn't seem to be a way out of the inevitable truths. Boy, does this male writer know how to write a deeply complex and believable female character.

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And you? Well this book's plot is 50 shades of messed up Prospects are But so is hope, and trust, and acceptance. The characters were all very clever, in that you can't help but empathize with them despite not being able to like them. The ending surprised me which is always a good thing!

There were twists and unexpected moments in the story which keeps the reader guessing and the ending came totally from left field! Content Queries: In the competitive world of contemporary women's fiction, psychological thrillers are currently topping the charts, with multi-million best-sellers including Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, and Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins among others. This town has no needs It is very refreshing to discover such an original and intriguing novel. A gripping and emotive story that keeps you second guessing all the way to the end.

The author writes beautifully, his language is so articulate and descritptive, his observations really clever however it is not unneccessarily wordy-no fluff here.

An amazing debut! I had to buy this book as it kept being recommended in my Facebook feed A book about Louise, her background and what then happens when she meets Jarvis.

Some parts made me laugh out loud, others cringe as it dawned what was coming. Louise and Adam get married. Louise is deluded misguided and selfish, Adam is a bit of a saint and weak.

Lewis for his stubborness but never let labor unions get more than a toehold anywhere. Thank you to John Hunt Publishing. Beat the Rain A moving and vulnerable depiction of a relationship in decline. This sounds like a new voice. No happy endings here Strongly written characters, frustratingly flawed yet somehow you keep hoping for them.