Every so often, I see some search result that led to my site that piques my interest. Spilled coke on top of my tower.

“cleaning soda off a motherboard”

I just want to clear up a couple things I went back and re-read. At the time it was hooked into a router with one other desktop that was on during the storm as well in a seperate surge protector. Next they'll be charging us to breath - lol! Forum Rules. Forum Rules.

Electronics Water Damage

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Is it a legit reason? Can you see the potentiometers and switches? Hear it from the Pros - A Co I probably would have jumped the gun and used it, except it didn't have the right type of tip on it.

Thanks Edit: Use eye protection and work with contact cleaner outside or in a very well ventilated area. It still worked but I bet my calibrated micro-henrys were way off. Yeah, just didn't want to waste money, time effort on the compressor if it didn't work and have to drag that tower across the street.

After spraying, immediately a few seconds won't matter, but don't wait minutes or the DeOxit will have evaporated too much work the corresponding knob back and forth from left to right a few dozen times, through its full range of motion.

Just as many people including myself wait only ten minutes or so before turning the power back on, and never seem to have a problem. It works ok for me.

It seemed to leave a lot of residual water condensation after the alcohol evaps; but, all in all, seems to work well and not damage anything. Fact is that you are unlikely to ever totally get the machine clean, but you certainly can do as much as possible to get it as clean as possible.

Remove the screws that are holding on the top cover, and put them safely aside in a small paper cup or dish or something, as you remove them, so they won't be lost. It's usually in the bottle with the green label on it at the drug store at least in the USA. Your skin is conductive and can provide a path for electricity to flow, so never touch any circuit board surface or electrical connection directly since this residual energy can flow across your skin and damage other components.

Turn them all back and forth a little or operate them a few times. The alcohol will evaporate without leaving any residue, and if you scrub well enough, you can always clean up some of the leftover flux around the component leads. Good idea to put a wad of kleenex on back side of socket to catch any drippings if there is room to do so.

“cleaning soda off a motherboard” :: Chris Jean

Some people say use a cleaner, others say use a lubricant, others say you need to use both. There's at least two sprays I know of that are readily available and modestly priced.

Get on the List. How to Lubricate, Waterproof I modify spray cleaner tubes with long extensions and bends so as to snake them into tiny openings.