HOW TO: Make a Puppet Theater from a Recycled Box

Glue the red eco-felt on the inside of the doors so the red is visible when the theater is open.

Puppet Theatre: 13 Steps

Chocolate-free advent calendar ideas for kids. Light curtain puppet presentations use light to highlight small portions of a performance area, allowing the puppet to be seen while the manipulators remain invisible. Archived from the original on 15 May Then, staple it in place. Basic strings for operation are usually attached to the head, back, hands to control the arms and just above the knee to control the legs. At this stage, the unfolded edge of cloth should be stapled to the wood and the folded edge should hang down.

Fold the loop of cloth down to the left, and staple it flush to the top edge of the top frame. Poppet , a word that sounds similar, is sometimes a term of endearment, similar to "love", "pet", "doll" or "dear".

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Highlight Color. Two simple types of puppets are the finger puppet , which is a tiny puppet that fits onto a single finger, and the sock puppet , which is formed and operated by inserting one's hand inside a sock, with the opening and closing of the hand simulating the movement of the puppet's "mouth. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Use a utility knife to cut along your marked lines.

Puppet Theatre

Did you try these steps? Decorate the rest of the "scene" with seashells, pipecleaner "seaweed, and maybe even add some fish stickers.

Colour can be introduced into the cut-out shapes to provide a different dimension and different effects can be achieved by moving the puppet or light source out of focus. Find the midpoint of one of the pieces of ruffle cloth. And hours of fun later!

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Share it:. The following are, alphabetically, the basic and conventional forms of puppet:. Tell us more about it?

They use plastic materials, transparent dyes, a special light system, and a special type of screen to make this happen. Square lines across the nearer long side 28 inches Lift up one of the long sides and put glue on the top surfaces of the two ends beneath it. Shadow Puppets, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Out of the long side, cut a proscenium arch the frame of a stage leaving about 10cm around each side and top. Sponsor Spotlight: Please note, this post may contain affiliate links which help support the cost of running this website.

How to Make Puppet Theatre Out of a Box, No Sew Curtains!

After you've built the lemonade stand, you have made the base of the puppet stage. The rods should curve around the outside of the larger holes so that on opening night the curtain can follow the same path around the pole that will run through the holes. Cut off any excess ribbon when you are finished. Just make sure they are open a little.

The marionettes were still controlled by human manipulators with darkened strings.