Black compliment each other's bowties for a bit, and the Doctor and Amy head to 19th-century Provence. Let's find out who this is, then. Take it easy.

Vincent and the Doctor

You bring this on us. The Telegraph.

Planet of origin uncertain. Right, sorry. And Amy's got a little surprise for you. Most of the episode was filmed in Trogir , Croatia , and many of the sets were modelled after Van Gogh paintings. Vincent is lying face down on his little bed, crying. He's gone. But pretty fast. No, no! You from Holland like me? Yeah, exactly like that. Companion Karen Gillan Amy Pond.

That's not a bad idea. Nothing quite as wonderful as the things you see. He looks in the mirror again and realises it is right behind him. If we had got married, our kids would have had very, very red hair.

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Which unfortunately also explains why it is now turning around and heading straight for us. Really slowly. The actors, being British, use the British pronunciation, "Van Goff". And it will not end well. This proved challenging for the art department, who extensively looked for a suitable building in Croatia to use.

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Once they found the one they wanted, they had to redesign it to look like the painting; this involved putting an awning up, changing the windows, and adding a platform with tables and chairs. Deleting comment Community Showcase More. Description Postage and payments. And sometimes one of them gets left behind.

I'm working.

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That, on the other hand, isn't quite such good news. Vincent begins to paint and soon spots the Krafayis inside. They also commonly feature shaded pencil sketches of his latest project, with Vincent explaining to Theo his intentions for the piece then underway. The most beloved.

The Doctor demonstrates that the The Church at Auvers no longer has the frightening creature at the window, and one of the sunflower still-life paintings now bears a small inscription above Vincent's signature: I'm not sure I do. Learn more - opens in a new window or tab.