Audio Driver(s) config for S/PDIF passthrough for DTS/DD o/p

The Frame I "know" it to be so because I'm doing it right now. To post a comment you need to Log in. Post 2 of This delivery method makes for a smaller signal size, and so it is easier to send multiple channels of audio.

This interface provides a mechanism for the output and, on some motherboards, the input of raw digital audio. Apr 14, at 7: I'm looking for a new TV that does 5. Apr 14, at 4: The is currently hooked straight to the temp tv we are using.

One PCM signal is required for each channel ie 6 channels for 5. What it is: When dealing with audio signal transmission, several standards exist for the media AND the encoding.

Bitstream audio is compressed, meaning information that is deemed less important to the sound is removed from the signal. More information can be found on this very good article Sound Data Encoding PCM signal - values of a channel at each time step. I have to go with the conventional wisdom on this one and say no TV is really doing this. Read about dmix and. JavaScript is disabled.

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I understand it isn't in EAX but I'm not sure how much better they could possibly get? To post formatted content follow these rules: I'm not sure I understand.

More information can be found on this very good article. To test for Dolby Digital 5. If you want to use aplay for this test, you need to have a.

Please note, not all sources have digital surround in them. Then you can use aplay for playback, since that is rather easy to use if you just want to dump data into the card.

As such, some of the important information got lost.

Here's the connection breakdown: Started by Miki Today at 9: FFDShow is open source, get to programming. KFal on Apr 14, at 5: The X-Fi only has coax out unless u get the Elite or platinum, but with the platinum you have the cables run to the front of your case. Originally Posted by enc0re Wait, so Westinghouse tech support was wrong when they told me it did?