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The Big Entrance was the one card that I wanted really bad from this event because I use Big Entrance on lots of my teams. I like that I can purchase her for three energy and then field her for free at level one. This helps against Bard — but only against one die, unless you have enough Cold Guns for each of the Bard dice.

It starts to become apparent why the vast majority of games in the lobby are passworded.

Hallucinogenic Vapors Two-Face: Crossover — Crossover characters have two or more types of energy. Impulse is really interesting on some of the cards. We had 22 players and most of the teams were either rogue or variants of meta teams with a personal tweak.

She is supposed to chill in the field and tax my opponent when they use a Global. If you don't care, this is the best option as it will take the most wear. Negasonic Teenage Warhead: Just redownload your deck and you should be able to spawn it in the mod like usual.

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The winner of the each of the matches receives a prize. The table I left them on was in a room with many large windows, so it's possible that was a contributing factor was well. I like the ability on the card but I highly doubt folks would use it solely for the ability. Round Two My opponent was using the common Rip Hunter with Unstable Canister, in hopes of taking his opponents out with direct damage. Her purchase cost could prevent her from seeing the competitive scene, but she could be the most desired version for casual play.

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All rights reserved. Thanks man. I did a live stream on my Facebook page of my draft picks. I roll mine such that it curls against the table instead of away from it. Post to Cancel. If you watch the draft video, I think it shows where I almost take her, but I chose a different card. Hellblazer Constantine: What was one of your highlights from a match?

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Do not use heat. If you purchase her using three Fist and a Mask, you get to use her ability. I play different and unique win conditions in order to give those cards a chance to shine, even if every round is a loss, those cards were used and loved for a time.

How do you think the meta will shift, if at all?