Doctor Who Series 11, Episode 9 ‘It Takes You Away,’ When The 13th Doctor Found Her Voice

Let Her Go Video She promises the Solitract that she will always be its friend, and the two of them promise to remember each other always. This episode reveals the origins to several facets of the River Song character.

Fall behind? The Doctor and friends investigate. What's on the Bubble? Plus, Grade It!

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Dana Schwartz. You walk our Earth, Doctor, you breathe our air.

Doctor Who: Amy, Rory, and River find the Doctor near death; the Doctor asks River to find "River Song" and give her a message, then whispers something in her ear before he dies. She stuck her head through the mirror, which was a portal.

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Metacritic Reviews. He also commended Alex Kingston 's performance, saying that "she got to steal her every scene even more completely than usual, masterfully swerving the episode into a properly emotional final act". Home Schedule TV Guide. BBC One. Did I ever tell you I stole it?

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Fear is a superpower. The dying Doctor, having become aware of the Teselecta's nature, stops the Teselecta from punishing River at the Hotel Adlon. I am not a bad man. Again, the episode does a great job of leading us to believe that something terrible has happened to him, even if we were expecting a twist.

Each equally chilling, each well-set in one of the best Doctor Who two-parters to date. Archived from the original on 12 January The Doctor Who News Page. Well, I borrowed it; I was always going to take it back.

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Jim Shelley of The Daily Mirror was also negative about the episode, especially towards Alex Kingston, who appeared to be acting while "the rest of the cast play their parts perfectly naturally". You feed on them, on the memory of love and loss and birth and death and joy and sorrow!

Where I stand is where I fall. Though she thought the identity of Mels was "obvious to everyone but the characters", she said that Nina Toussaint-White was "excellent" and that "it was shame that she regenerated so early on because she brought a different energy to the character".

Doctor Who Series 11 'It Takes You Away': The Doctor Finds Her Voice

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Are you hoping the Solitract survived? But if you do this, I promise you and I will be friends forever. Plot Summary. He had a large red balloon-like lantern that made you feel like you were watching It. Fireside Fandomentals: