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O-genki desu ka? Japanese is an Altaic language related to Korean, Mongolian, and Turkish. Minasama ni douzo yoroshiku. Chotto matte kudasai.

The noodles are thicker and made using eggs, rather than wheat. EE-eh Excuse me. I speak 7 languages fluently. This language was in part influenced by the Pacific Island languages the Austronesian languages that surrounded the islands of Japan and thus formed an Austronesian substratum in Japanese.

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This Altaic language combined with the Austronesian languages spoken on the islands to form a unique hybrid, Japanese, which became the dominant language in Japan. I really like it! Answers Relevance. Daigakuimo is a dish composed of candied satsumaimo.

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Douzo ogenki de. The situation is similar to English in which some sixty percent of English words are derived from Latin derived languages and only a minority of English words come from original English. No, you have called the wrong number. While there is only one verb used for a certain action in English, there might be several different verbs in Japanese.

Youkoso irasshai mashita. Haruko desu? WTF does that mean!?

Some Japanese verbs are more specific when describing actions than English verbs. After the Manyoshu , writing Japanese became much more stable. Software Computers: WTF does that mean!? Iie, kekkou desu.

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Nihongo [yoku] hanasemasen. This is quite a quagmire to wade through. Yoi otoshi o!