Physical Security K. Directly responsible to the Maintenance Technician for the operation of the following: The second R will list the key number, and serial number only.

fig. 9 da form 2410 (repair/overhaul/gain)

No less than two individuals, the driver and the passenger should occupy the cab of the vehicle. Avionics Platoon Sergeant: Shop Supply Requisitions: If the receipt copy of the work order is lost or otherwise not available, the customer must see Main PC.

Flight line section will be required to have a primary and alternate electrician 68F on stand by when the Company has directed that DART missions will be part of the unit mission. The work order is then given to the officer to take up to PC.

Avionics Communication Equip Repairer 35L: Develop and maintain proficiency in following MOS's: Mail it to the address specified in. Equipment Parts NCO responsibilities are to: Incorporating and enforcing adequate safe practices in all operations.


If the parts are available, an Avionics Platoon request form will be filled out with the following information: Visible to Everyone. Aircraft Electrician 68F 4. Production Control has the responsibility to submit the following reports: The following procedures are used when requesting repair parts against an open work order: Appointment, Sick Call, and School: Sign for parts and transport all parts received to the platoon work area.

The tags are signed by a technical inspector.


Initiating corrective action necessary to eliminate or control hazards, conditions or practices, which might produce accidents. Items NRTS are stamped as such by the technical inspector. Shop Practices: Check the DA Form for accuracy. Work Requests 4. Will be emptied daily at close of business COB 2.