Bread Storage Options

Breadboxes are big.

Bread Storage Options - How to Keep Bread and Buns Fresh

The white color is bone, not polar. It is a great quality product at a fantastic price. Hope this picture helps some people with the color!! By Deborah A Seagle. Read more. I think the problem was not enough air was getting in and it was too humid in the box.

The product image is no longer photoshopped, they took out the trademark on the front. I would have rated this a four, but I bumped it down two stars for what I consider deceptive marketing. I recently began trying to "eat healthier" and part of that was to put more fiber into my diet.

I was shopping for something else in this same product line and happened to read some reviews of this product. The ventilation comes from the small intentional gaps in the bread box.

Very happy about how much "bread" fits in it!!

Other Departments. If you pick up bread box at a thrift store or garage sale that's seen better days or is just not your style, refurbish it! I was tired of plastic bread bags littering my countertops. This doesn't really add anything that isn't already addressed by other better written answers. I ordered the ivory so that it was neutral, but it could also be used on a counter top should I decide to move it.

It's much bigger than expected. Exceptional breadbox great price! It is frustrating when one pays attention to details and tries to check everything carefully before making a decision only to find that the company has not taken the same pains in being truthful about their product. It's very large.

By Donna. The tighter the seal on the bread box, the better it performs this function. Like a cigar box, perhaps. This type of freezer is usually manual defrost with fewer temperature fluctuations than your refrigerator frozen food compartment or upright freezer models.

Very happy with the "fall front" vs. Either store them at room temperature, or freeze them.

Replacement arrived in good condition.