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Answer this question Flag as Drahota, I moved to ask you a philosophical question… Ms. With positive energy, but not as if you were having the day of your life. If you have an available employee, ask them to answer instead of you. Rule 9: Call a friend and pitch them. Get a toll-free or local number, voicemail transcription, unlimited extensions, and more, all delivered to your cell phone!

He is the author of Be Your Customer's Hero: We share the best sales entertainment, motivation and the best sales blogs each and every day! A few things to keep in mind if you decide to do so:.

Answering the right way will project a positive tone, help the caller feel comfortable, and set you up to help answer whatever questions he or she may have. The type of person that a candidate might actually want to talk to!

He went on the show and had really funny answers—the audience laughed and the bachelorette chooser kept giggling. And then the second type of smile we did get was the non-Duchenne smile, which is just like the Duchenne smile but without the crows-feet wrinkles around the eyes. Sharing is caring When talking to the other person be sure you go down at the end of your sentence instead of going up.

Mistake 3: As it turns out, it does. Rule 5: Thanks so much. Practice your pitch and keep your volume level throughout. FA Funmi Ajayi Aug 2, My Dad practiced and practiced his hello and nothing else. All right. When you get one on the phone, they sound like they could fall asleep any time. Put the phone up to your face. How confident do you sound on the phone? One tip for maintaining full focus while calling is to close your eyes, limiting your sensory input almost exclusively to your hearing.

Subscribe to Userlike Developments. To take a sales example:. Your conversion ratio will also improve overtime, as you get better at communicating your stories over the phone, but also overcoming objections and working around gatekeepers.

How to Answer the Phone at Work: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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Learn more. What approach has been most successful for you when working the phones?