Angielsko-polski slownik tematyczny: Zycie codzienne

You must clean your hands before meals. She stepped over the threshold. Tomorrow is my birthday.

I'll do my best not to disturb your studying. Czego was jeszcze uczyli? Grass and weeds grew rank over the whole cemetery. He walked sadly out of the room. You must choose between honor and death.


Both men collapsed on to their chairs in despair. Tom watched TV yesterday. Above all, be kind to old people. We take a bath every day. What shall we play?

She gave birth to a healthy baby. I led her to the divan. Peter was busy cleaning up. She stood up from her bath.

Angielsko-polski slownik tematyczny: Zycie codzienne

I had a happy childhood. I will speak of it no further in this present time. Odd things began happening in that apartment. The baby is playing with some toys. Janet, tend to the baby, please. His father said no more. The wall defied the imagination. You've never been to see any of us. You ought to have a shave. She tied the key to her wrist. ORG You are now an adult.

He was neglected at home as a child. Tell me how to use the washing machine. What else had you to learn? She had referred to his youth as a thing of the past. You obviously have powerful friends.