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Facebook Twitter Print. To start, 5v5 is the most frequent situation in all of hockey. Shot quality can be a touchy subject in the analytics community. Azevedo wants to know whether the way teams approach those common plays could impact their Corsi. Fenwick is nearly identical in definition to Corsi, with one exception — blocked shots are not part of the equation.

Michael Schuckers likes numbers.

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At best, you might get blank stares. Mar 16, Messages: Otherwise, it's the Nashes Rick and Riley on the mend before the playoffs.

More shots allowed indicates the team is on defense. So now what? Shots taken off a rebound tend to go in more than first shots, and we can track those. Subscribe to The Boston Globe today. On the surface, you need to figure out how many goals 13 each play is worth.

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Share This Page Tweet. Jul 21, Messages: This is where the various pieces start to come together; better tracking technology will help with the data, and the results could then be used to create more accurate player-value statistics. Then again, the Air Canada Centre mid-game is quieter than most practice rinks. Much of the basic work being done now is based on attempted shot volume, but we know all shots are not created equal.

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Do you already have an account? Louis for Magnus Paajarvi and a second-round pick. This can be presented as a team-metric, or for individual players how many shots did the team allow when an individual was on the ice. What this statistic shows is how a player is performing relative to his team's average. Here are five areas you can expect to hear more about over the coming months and years.

This is where the importance of PDO comes into play. Patrice Bergeron is going to stand out.