This is my Wildly Important Goal. Activities , Printables , Classroom Forms. With words to unscramble, this game will always be fresh and fun. Do not take the game lightly.

How To Set Wildly Important Goals, And What They’ll Do For You

Adult Education. Your students will be able to track their progress with ease, and create goals. Insert into students Leadership Notebooks. This is the data notebook setup that I use in my 5th grade classroom. Simply put, they become more engaged in a goal that they choose themselves and that supports a worthy organizational goal. Not Grade Specific. Keep a Compelling Scoreboard 4. The optimal way to distribute a score card is to make it pop up on everyone's computer screen when they first login to their computer.

Those four disciplines, in sequential order, are:. File Includes PDF file: This is the third article of this 4 article series on executing your sales strategy. Leadership Notebook Editable.

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There may be dozens or even hundreds of WIGs across the entire organization, but the key is not to overload any single leader, team, or individual performer. Owners do not grasp the beneficial impact of keeping precise and visible track of progress on important WIGs.

Like Loading CCSS Math. S are becoming popular with schools all over! Show more replies. Create ONE major, hugely important overall company goal. Your report has been sent to our moderators for review. Keep a scoreboard for every lead WIG.

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The whirlwind We all have 10 or more items on our daily to-do lists and tend to have 10 to 20 important strategic goals somewhere in a folder. Discipline 3. Hold weekly and daily meetings without fail. Act on the Lead Measures 3.